Northern lights you can take with you...

Born and raised in Nova Scotia, I had never seen the northern lights until I moved to Thompson, Manitoba. This small community, north of the 55th parallel is an excellent location from which to view the Aurora Borealis.


I was astounded the first time I saw a display; the colour, the movement, the magic playing out before my eyes, it was truly jaw- dropping.  I soon stared learning how to photograph the displays, spending long nights outside in sub-zero temperatures or sometimes into the early mornings of the summer when darkness only lasts for a few short hours.


As someone who has always been artistic by nature, I've always found the idea of wearable art very appealing. I wanted a way to be able to take the northern lights with me, so I decided to try making jewelry. I started out by making necklace pendants,  soon added earrings and rings, and now I make a variety of different pieces. All of the photographs were taken by me in Northern Manitoba, Canada. Most of them in Thompson, but some also in surrounding areas such as Paint Lake, Ospawagon Lake, and down the road in Snow Lake. Some of them were taken miles from town and the city lights, some from deep in the woods on a late night camping excursion, and some were even taken right outside my front door.


​I never get tired of watching the lights dance and I love being able to take them with me when I go out. I hope you enjoy the images and the jewelry pieces and other items I have created.


Amy Caldwell - Owner and creator of Aurora Artistic

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How it all works...

I take each photograph, then process, print and assemble each item by hand in my home studio. Whenever possible I use simple, low cost materials (zinc alloy, some stainless steel, no nickel, no lead) which helps me to be able to offer my products for a reasonable price. I only produce a limited amount of each image and/or item and products will change or come and go. Images may not be exactly as shown as variation between device display and printer output is to be expected. I work hard to represent each piece as accurately as possible, providing a photo of each actual item being worn by a person and not further edited or enhanced for colour. 

You can place an order any time you like, 24 hours a day, but since the store is run on a part -time basis by a very small staff, orders and responses to customer inquiries will only be processed during operating hours which will be Monday to Thursday from 10 am to 4 pm, CST. 

In most cases, once your order has been confirmed, it will be shipped within 4 business days. Currently orders are being shipped on Thursdays or Fridays. In the event there is any delay on shipping we will notify you via email. Please reach out if you have any questions or concerns. 

In the near future I'll be offering additional creative services such as photography, design, branding and many other artistic based services. If you are looking for something custom and unique, please get in touch!

The Girls
Small bracelet
Leeron wears a large pendant
Leeron and Orangie